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Last night after finishing my amigurumi axalottl I felt I needed to make Tempe something. So I sat down and whipped up this little hippo in a little over an hour. It was super easy. I think I’m going to try to make all of the ami from this book.

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Did some dying with a friend today. It has been awhile since I really got a chance to play with dyes and wool. I’ve still been spinning and doing other fiber arts. I’ve just been so busy with my lovely daughter I haven’t hd time to blog it! But I have lots of photos to be posted in the next few days!

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This WIP single is Angora, Romney, Firestar, Alpaca, Mohair. You name it I kind of just tossed it in. I was spinning angora from Orreck but I wanted to liven it up a bit. So I tossed in some neon green romney I dyed, and then I saw the bright purple firestar… Pale pink alpaca, and pretty green and purple mohair locks. I really just played around. This is the first REAL spinning Ive done since having Tempe, she really doesnt let me spin often. But my wonderful hubby took her for a little while and I got to fall in love with my lendrum again. 

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