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Taught a friend to spin today. Her slubby pretty yarn is beautiful. I miss my bulky yarns. I love watching someone spin for the first time, its so nice to be reminded that there’s all sorts of “perfect” yarn.

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My hand slipped and some how I bought two fleeces instead of one. Oops?? Nope I have no regrets. gorgeous natural color silver Romney. And beautiful white Romney lamb fleece. I see sweater knitting in my future.

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Finally got some good use out of this hat. Its a “mesh” crochet so not terribly warm. But it did help with the cold breeze that was giving me a headache. This was made last year with some of my own handspun yarn.

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I was right this is a beast to block. I’m not sure its even blocking in the shape I want. Good thing its not permanent. Because this is a shawl shaped cowl I will need to flip it over and lightly block the back half. Luckily the back isn’t a triangle, just the petals. Phew so glad this is almost done.

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